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Hey guys, I started two communities about animals. one is called we_love_cats and the other cats_dogs_etc. One is for cat lovers and the other is for people who love animals. It could be any animal, cats ,dogs,bunnies, mice,rats, reptiles, birds,ferrets, ginnie pigs,and other animals.






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the last few days

Tuesday was crazy! Tuesday evening  my mom almost broke her foot.. She put two big sores in her foot , one needed stitches. My sister and her were at the hospital until 2 am.

On Wednesday my mom went to work climbed up the stairs got to sick to work because of the pain and then came home. While this was happening, I was spending  all day at the therapist office in group sessions.

Thank heavens yesterday was not a good day for anyone in my family.

So far, today has been a good day for me.

Lately, I've been depressed about my life. I guess I've been edgy and cranky towards my family. I think  I'm just sad about how my life has been.

I'm bipolar,autistic (with something called asperger syndrome, a highly functioning form of autism), have a severe seizure disorder, and have a stress/anxiety disorder. So my life is pretty much crazy as it is.

 I think lately I've been feeling sorry for myself.
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Lola the kitten

Hi everyone, my life is interesting, if you want to put it that way. I have this kitten that we just got she is 4 months old and she has the personality of a flying squirrel.   She can be really annoying at times and  funny. About  2 months ago she got on top of the roof , by climbing the tree next to it, and she got stuck up on there. So my mom and I got  the ladder to get her off the roof and she decided to jump of the roof! I'm surprised she didn't hurt herself.

Than a couple weeks ago she was on top of the window seal and my mom opened the door to come in the house Lola jumped off the window  seal and flew over my mom's head (barely  missing it) and landed outside the house.

She is the only  kitten who is this hyper and has done anything like this. My other cats when the were her age were not that annoying!

I got her from a friend who had 12 kittens (she had 3 cats who had litters of 4). The  funny thing is when she was smaller she wasn't  like this. Her personality didn't show up until we brought her home!